WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance

In the world of WordPress many issues or drops come at the least expected moments. Sometimes you may experience drop in traffic, theme issues, your web host may start having longer maintenance, or maybe you had bought a product, which is not the same as it was described to you.

It sure can be a big loss if anything happens to your website, but mistakes happen.

After all nobody knows which theme is perfect, or how many plugins should they have, so they can keep up with good and optimized website speed.

In order to learn all of this, you should have been through the worst that can happen, or experiment with everything that can possibly happen, just like I did.

And since I know every possible technicle issue that can happen to a WordPress website, I decided to help out every person, who needs a guarding, for a small price, which will prevent the website from critical losses.

WordPress Maintenance Services

1. WordPress Website Setup Service

Picking up a web host, location, pricing and features is a tiring job. 9/10 cases people go for a web host in which they setup their website, but after time they aren’t happy.

Rather then having headaches, you can simply explain what you are looking for as a service and I will setup your website on the best web host that you had only dreamed about.

My WordPress setup services include:

  • Picking the best web host for your budget.
  • Setting up the perfect theme or creating one.
  • Picking the right plugins for functionality.
  • Optimizing the website for speed.
  • Setting up your website in the Search Engines.
  • Submitting SiteMap in the search engines for page indexing.
  • Internal and external page link (if posts or pages exist).
  • Including the website in directories for early rankings (Optional).

2. WordPress Speed Optimization Service

While you may be having difficulties following online guides and keep on losing time or money, I can directly help you out on setting up the right options for any optimization plugin and take your website to the next level of speed optimization.

Websites can load lightning fast when you optimize it the right way. The least expected issues are taking your speed and visitors away.

It can be your images, plugins, bloated theme with unoptimized HTML, CSS, JS or a database, which was not cleaned since you had started your website.

My speed optimization package service includes:

  • A deep check on your website’s speed results and timings.
  • Database cleaning.
  • Cache and CDN Setup.
  • Images optimization.
  • Migrating your website to a faster web host (Optional).

3. Unique Articles & Website Content Writing Service

Content is what drives people to make a purchase, leave an email address or do the phone call that you had always wanted. With my highly skilled writing team, we can always produce high quality articles for your website.

From simple product descriptions we can go up to thousands of words unique articles, optimized for ranking and ready to drive traffic.

My article services include:

  • Unique and outstanding content with potential to rank.
  • Competitive analysis on how the competitor’s articles are performing.
  • Professionalism and plagiarism free.
  • Keyword research (including potential to rank keywords depending on the website authority).
  • Internal and external linking.
  • Relevant to topic images with optimizations.

4. SEO Optimization Service

Nobody finds the websites from the nothing. Search engines display only the most unique and well optimized websites, that you can possibly find. This doesn’t mean you don’t have chances. With us you can find the perfect spot for your website – On page 1 of the Search Engines of course!

There are many reasons why your website is not ranked on the first page of Google, but with my touch your pages will be comfortable staying on first page in the Search Engines.

My website SEO optimization service includes:

  • Deep analyze of each of your articles and keywords.
  • Optimizing your text length and including easy to rank keywords.
  • Adding images to proper places between your article.
  • Removing bad backlinks from your articles.
  • Linking your article to proper pages.
  • Submit SiteMap for indexing to Search Engines.

5. Theme Customization or Creation Service

Some WordPress themes just don’t have the cool options or designs you wanted. On the other hand they may also be unoptimized and filled up with styles and scripts that you don’t actually need.

Theme customization can be a tough job if you are a non techie and I understand you. Luckily I can fix every single part of your theme, which is unneeded, so you can have your WordPress theme customized and optimzied for speed.

My theme customization service includes:

  • Removing unused HTML, CSS, JS or PHP codes.
  • Customizing theme designs.
  • Fixing broken theme designs.


  • Create your own WordPress theme.

6. Google Penalty Removal Service

Penalties come when you had done something bad, or simply when someone tried to take you out of business. It’s possible. The penalties from the Search Engines are for sure hard to take care of, but nothing is hard for us, when we get our hands on your website.

My penalty removal service includes:

  • Analyzing your website and discovering the reason of the penalty.
  • Removing the bad sectors causing penalties.
  • Removing toxic backlinks.
  • Removing spam contents (if your website allows comments).
  • Changing your WordPress theme (if it’s a pirated version).
  • Changing your WordPress plugins (if they are pirated versions).

7. Ads Approval Service

Not getting approval from advertisement websites can be a sure way to kill the money, you wanted to get. After all new websites struggle most for ads approval. Getting approved to display ads for any company can be a hard task, as you have to deal with so many tasks and cannot simply add one more.

Why don’t you take a rest and let me get you ads approval in no time?

My ads approval service includes:

  • Analyzing website’s traffic and pages quality.
  • Researching the best ads provider for your website.
  • Picking the best type of ads for your website.
  • Marking the spots, on which your ads will serve best.
  • Write article(s) for your website to get approved.
  • Improve the article(s) quality for your website to get approved.