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Semrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz vs Ubersuggest – Which is best in 2022

Starting your SEO journey, but need a good keyword analyzer tool, such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz or even Ubersuggest?

All of them may help you with tracking your SEO results, measure keyword difficulty, find new keyword opportunities.

Finding the best tool between Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz and Ubersuggest can be a hard thing, as they all offer tools, which can rank you higher, but which one would be the right one?

What is a SEO tool and why do you need one?

Seo tools can help you track your results and find many opportunities to outrank your competitors. When starting a business, most of the people are just throwing content, without doing any research whether they have chances on ranking it or not.

That is why SEO tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz and Ubersuggest take place and help you find the golden keywords, which can help you rank.

Analyzing your competitors can give you a brief idea on what they are missing and help you fill out those gaps.


Nowadays having a business is not only to include a keyword and wait for it to rank. Except if you are into paying for ads and getting your posts ranking higher. The price may vary depending on the paid difficulty and how much are people bidding per keyword.

If you are one of those people, who are not into paying for ads and wish to get free premium traffic, then you know that you need a good SEO tool to rank your website high.

How can a SEO tool help you rank high?

Each SEO tool can offer you suggestions to improve your website’s results and reach higher rankings.

All you need to do is add your website’s URL and start seeking golden opportunities.

For example, in Ubersuggest when searching for keywords, you also have a tab to filter the keywords that you can rank for, which is a time saver and a good way to outrank your existing competitors.


What this tool simply does is that it checks your domain authority and filters out all of the risky keywords, while leaving you the easiest to rank keywords on page 1.

As we all know keywords that are ranking on page 1 get all of the website traffic, but when done right.

By just adding those keywords, you will not be guaranteed with page 1 ranking, as you will also need to have a good word length, so you can cover more than what your competitors do.

If you are struggling with writing content, or wish to produce more quality content, we have an article on how you can write blog posts faster, which may be of use for you.

What do SEO tools offer?

Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz and Ubersuggest offer you:

The opportunity to analyze a website for keywords

Find any website’s keywords that it is potentially ranking for and analyze your chances for ranking on this keyword.

Find opportunities for the same keywords that have high search volume, but your competitor is not ranking for them.

Optimize your website by removing issues

If your website is missing some heading tags, has the wrong keyword placed, is missing alt tags or even meta tags, any of these tools may help you discover these gaps and protect your place in the Google rankings.

Spy on competitors backlinks

While your competitors may be new or old, you can always check, which websites are linking to their own and try to snatch a backlink from them.

Not only this, but some websites are even getting backlinks by registering an account and linking to their website, which may be a golden opportunity for you to grab and get some backlinks pointing at your website too.

Find keyword opportunities

Find thousands of keywords, which are receiving millions of visitors and filter out the higher to rank for, so you can have an easy start and a winning website.

You can also search for related keywords, which are also known semantic keywords and can

Track your top keywords

This tool lets you to track your highest ranking keywords by country and how many visitors you are getting by country.

If you are doing local SEO, this tool would be your golden goose to find the most suitable keywords for your website.

View competitors most visited posts

Checking your competitors most popular posts can be an easy way to see for what they are ranking and how helpful is the post.

Finding the gaps in their posts and the information they are missing can be an easy way to outrank them and steal their traffic from under their noses.

Pros and Cons between Semrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz vs Ubersuggest

While these are the best tools offering you great website results, not all of them may be good for your website or budget.

Each of these tools has a different pricing and opportunities to help out with your website.

Overview between Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz and Ubersuggest


By far one of the best keyword analyzer tools, which has its own extension and a good free plan is Semrush.

Simply Semrush’s extension lets you to browse Google freely and see for how many keywords a certain website’s post is ranking for.

You can also track the traffic this website gets for a certain post and leverage the keywords that it is missing, so you can gain part of its traffic.

If you are wondering how you can find their extension, you can go and Google the name SeoQuake, which looks like this.


SeoQuake is a powerful extension available for FireFox, Opera, Microsoft Explorer and Google chrome, which lets you:

  • Get a full SEO audit in no time.
  • Perform lightning fast searches and getting data of a certain website.
  • Get information for all the internal and external links a website has.
  • Compare multiple domains for various SEO factors.
  • SEObar – Which shows an instant summary of the website statistics and traffic behavior.
  • SERP Overlay – Take competitors highest ranking posts and keywords in a single CSV report.
  • Keyword Analysis – Export all high ranking keywords from a single or multiple competitors.

It is for sure that SEOQuake is a powerful extension, which lets you do all the work for free, rather than pay for an SEO tool such as Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush or Ubersuggest, but it depends on your needs.

For example, Semrush starts from the price of $120 per month, but lets you have 5 different projects and keep a track of them.

This simply means that one of your projects is priced at only $24 per month and can get a whole plan with 4 more other people or have your clients pay you extra money, so you can track their keywords from a premium tool such as Semrush.

With Semrush you get:

  • 5 whole projects (You can add 5 different websites and track them).
  • 500 keywords to track on a daily basis.
  • Keyword, domain and link analytics – which let you see how the keyword, domain or a link is performing.
  • 10,000 keyword results per search.
  • 3000 reports per day.
  • 5 different PDF reports per day.

As a bad thing to mention, Semrush does not simply offer historical data in their lowest tier plan, but can be a good utilization tool for your website.

They get most of their results from user behavior and can simply show you what visitors are actually searching for on a daily basis.

If you wish to go higher and receive more reports and get more keyword opportunities, Semrush offers a Guru plan, which is priced at $230 and gives you a 3 times boost on all of the previously mentioned tools and extras.

What you also get with the Semrush Guru plan is:

  • Historical data of your website and competitor websites.
  • Content marketing platform – an external website, which lets you to create your own marketing strategies.
  •  Integrate your website with Google Data Studio.
  • Share your PDF templates.
  • Access to content marketing tools.
  • 50 trackable posts.
  • 5 plagiarism checker per month – check if a competitor has stolen content from you.



Ahrefs is by far known as the best keyword analyzing tool, which lets you filter out keywords by keyword difficulty and rank depending on the Google Results.

The ahrefs pricing is starting from $99 per website for a month and lets you track 500 keywords per website and find unlimited keyword opportunities.

You also get crawl credits, which let the Ahrefs bots to crawl your website and find missing information, opportunities to rank and to analyze your traffic and its behavior over the last months.

With the Ahrefs starter plan you also get:

  • Mobile ranking analytics, which show how your website is ranking on the mobile search.
  • A track of 175 competitor domains per week
  • 700 URLs tracked per week
  • Link inspection tool
  • Top 20 keyword positions for you or competitors
  • Top 10 competing pages or domains
  • Reports on content gap on your website or competitors
  • 350 reports per week on their content explorer
  • Monthly alerts for acquired or lost backlinks
  • Opportunity to track competitor backlinks
  • Keyword suggestion tool with filters to find easy to rank keywords

If you are not into paying for Ahrefs and you simply need a keyword tracking tool, you may try using the Ahrefs free keyword analyzer tool, which will let you find out how many people are searching for a certain keyword.

The metrics will not be so precise as in the paid plan, but it may still help you to rank your keywords and website.


Their free keyword generator is basically to show you a bit of what Ahrefs can do for your website and let you decide whether or not you should buy their plan and start your ranking career.

There are better keyword generator tools out there, as people say, but none of them are unlimited.


Moz is a great choice for starters who are seeking out on some free tools to try out, before buying the premium ones.

Moz is not only generous on giving away their tools to be tested for free, but they also have an extension, which helps you analyze:

  • DA of each website
  • PA of each website
  • Spam Score in percentages
  • Backlinks – Links pointing to a certain domain

The only thing you need so you can get the Moz extension is to register for a free plan and you get to keep the extension forever.

You do not need to pay anything in order to use it.

moz toolbar
moz toolbar

What are the free tools that Moz offers?

Moz offers more tools for free than any other SEO website. You can analyze your website for free and gain knowledge on how your website is performing without paying anything.

The best free tools that you can find are:

  • Link Explorer – Gain backlink data on your website or your competitors website’s.
  • Keyword Explorer – Find hundreds of keywords that are easy to rank.
  • Domain analysis – See how your website is performing well and what are the existing issues.
  • MozBar – Moz free extension to keep track of competitor’s DA, PA, Spam and backlink results.
  • My Online Presence – Check the presence of your website in local searches and find opportunities to rank higher.
  • MozCast – Follow up on a forecast on which will be the next trending topic. The information is directly pulled up from Google and served to you for free.

If you are looking for a good and competitive tool find the best keyword opportunities for your website, Moz is always the best choice to go for.

The cheapest Moz plan costs $99 per month and it can hold up to 3 projects. This simply means that each website added there, costs you $33.

For the small cost of $33 per website you get:

  • 300 keyword rankings per website (1200 keywords in total).
  • Mobile ranking results – track how your keywords are performing.
  • 5 crawls per month.
  • 10,000 keyword rows per month.
  • 5 keyword lists with 100 keywords per list and 100 links per list.
  • On-Page grader reports – simply check your on-page SEO and highlight the missing factors to rank your website higher.
  • 200 rank checking queries per day.
  • Unlimited on page grader reports – get unlimited reports on how your on-page SEO is performing.

If you are not satisfied with their Standard plan, the Moz Medium plan, which is priced at $179 per month can get you more in depth on how your website performs.

Not only you get 10 times more crawls, keyword results and more opportunities to rank, but you also get Branded Reports and Report templates.


Ubersuggest is the new best choice for an SEO tool, which can rank your website higher than any other tool and on top of that it costs from little to nothing.

Ubersuggest started out pretty much bad, but with the time it become one of the best choices for every website owner out there.

Now while Neil Patel’s SEO tool is becoming trending and so popular, most of the people are running away from paying high prices for tools that get even less then what Ubersuggest can offer you.

Neil Patel is a brilliant entrepreneur and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs, under the age of 30, which were recognized by the president Obama.

A great combination to start your website optimization and boosting your rankings, is to use the Ubersuggest free plan along with the Ubersuggest extension.


The Ubersuggest extension is completely free and comes up with 40 free searches with competitive analysis per day.

Every keyword query brings out the volume and difficulty of keywords, just like any keyword tool, without actually visiting the website and having to browse between the pages.

You also get many keyword suggestions as to what people are searching. The information is being pulled out from Google Itself, so you will not be receiving any false information.

The Ubersuggest extension offers you to track how much traffic do the websites displayed on the top results get.

Under each of the websites you see ranked from 1 to 10, you can find about their social profile, such as how many Pinterest pins they have acquired and how many Facebook shares they got.

You can also see a certain website’s authority and measure whether you can rank higher than the competitor or you will need to perform a search for another keyword, which holds a lot traffic and low DA websites ranking for it.

Ubersuggest is one of the best free SEO tools, which can help you rank your website, by simply analyzing your website and giving you suggestion on how to improve.

Their plans start from free and let you to:

  • Spy on competitors.
  • 3 free searches per day (for registered Google accounts).
  • Add your website and track its results.
  • Filter out keywords by difficulty.
  • Keyword Ideas.
  • Keyword suggestion.
  • Related keywords.
  • Questions holding the desired keyword.
  • Page 1 rank potential tab for keywords you are searching

Simply said Ubersuggest offers the ultimate tool that can spill out the best keywords for your website to rank on page one, without any problems.


If you do not believe that this tool can help you rank your keywords on first page, I dare you to go and check where my website is ranking for “fix htaccess”, which is a term searched a lot nowadays.

The people simply searching on how to fix htaccess are non techies, who had used a plugin to overwrite the htaccess or simply edited it.

The chances for your website to rank for any of the keywords displayed is based on your domain authority but not completely.

You also need to have a well written post, which is not made for the bots, but for the people, who will find it helpful and reward you with a share or even a backlink.

The cheapest plan Ubersuggest offers is priced at $12 per month and offers you:

  • All the features from the free plan.
  • A full step-by-step SEO training course.
  • Biweekly coaching and Q&A call
  • Email support
  • 100 website reports per day
  • 3 website projects
  • 100 keywords tracked per project
  • Free mobile rank tracking
  • 20 country rankings – check your keywords in a country
  • 1000 pages crawled per report
  • 20,000 top keywords per data exporting

If you are tired from paying monthly subscriptions to get your SEO tool, Ubersuggest offers lifetime plans. The lowest lifetime plan is priced at only $120 and includes all the features of the basic plan.

If you wish to go for a higher plan, you can still do it by paying the difference and receive 3 times more features to your website.

So which is the best SEO tool to choose?

SEO tools take keywords directly from the Google Search and measures how many visitors are searching for a term.

When a visitor logs into one of their websites a cookie is being added and dies after one month. The helpful thing in these cookies is that it helps to track the visitor’s data and see where are they browsing.

Such tracking helps the SEO tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz and Ubersuggest to gather data and show you how much visitors are showing for the searched term.

Between Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz and Ubersuggest there is a big difference in plans and prices, but if you ask me, I would go for Ubersuggest.

Simply said Ubersuggest may had been the biggest joke for a SEO tool, but now it totally dominates the rankings and shows much more opportunity keywords for websites to rank.

If you simply check what those SEO tools offer, none of them are giving the features that Ubersuggest can offer you.

Even if you check the Ahrefs tutorials, they are always promoting their own tool, but never showing you how to implement actual SEO on your website.

If you are holder on one of these plans like Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Ubersuggest or even Mangoos, simply add it in the comments and express how you feel about the tool.