Request backlink – A link exchange service

Request backlink – A link exchange service

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Exchanging backlinks is becoming more popular over the years. In fact backlinking first came out in the late 90’s of the 20’th century.

Backlinks are counted as votes for websites. Long story short, backlinks are used to point the search engines to a specific website, which owns information that could be beneficial to the end user.

As one of the most important ranking factors backlinks are still releveant and important if they are “DoFollow” or “NoFollow”.

Even though Google keeps repeating that backlinks are not a part of their algorithm for picking a certain website’s placement, they still do it, but do not want you to know.

Long time ago backlinks were used as a spam way to rank and this hurted the search engines, while now everything is more or less under control.

Google tends to keep an eye of the relevancy of backlinks and their score, which can be in your favor or not. It all depends on the scores from the person that will give a backlink to your website.

How to request a backlink?

Requesting the backlink is an easy job.

All you need to do is find a relevant link on our website and a keyword along with it. After you had the link that you would like to point to yours, you will need to find a relevant keyword.

Searching for keywords in article

Once you had found the link and keyword, all you need to do is place them with any kind of separation symbol, in the first form (The link you would like to place / keyword).

It is as easy as that.

Note that in order to receive a backlink from us, you will also need to link to us.

It always goes 2 ways and for you to link to us, you will just need to repeat the first steps, but on your website.

You can pick any of our articles and link it on your website with a relevant keyword.

Once you are done with linking to us, a placement of the link and the keyword is needed in the second form (The link you have placed on your website / keyword).

After you have filled the first 2 forms, you will have to fill the comment form.

What information does the comment form have to contain about backlinks?

In the comment form, you will have to place all the information about your website, such as which link would you like in which article.

This is to prevent misleading information and having to go for the whole process once again.

The first line in the comment form should contain the link that will point to your website + keyword and next to it with a separator + once again the link that you chose from our website.

On the second line in the comment form you will have to place the link that you chose from our articles + keyword + your article that will be placed as a link on our website.

A perfectly filled contact form

Requirements to exchange a backlink with us

  • Your domain needs to be more than 3 months old
  • Your website needs to bring traffic
  • Your website should have similar articles to ours
  • Your website must have a certain niche (General Niche & News niche is not accepted)

Note that once the comment form is filled and submitted, a email will be sent to our email. Once your website is reviewed and approved, you will receive a email containing the link that you requested to be posted.

If your have removed the link from your page, we will remove our link to your website too.